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Calling an Api inside Postman

For a recent test of a system, I had to use a different CNPJ (Brazilian company unique identifier) for each postman call for each registration, so as not to conflict with what had already been registered in the database.

Of course I could have deleted the data on every call, but I wanted to do something different. In the tutorial we did on scrapping, I taught how to get the data from a common API, so I had, in a sqlite, 3000 records, which could be used.

The basic idea would be, when you click send (at 1), it will already bring up the fetched_cnpj variable, at 2, filled in)

To accomplish that, let’s click on pre-request-scripts and paste the following code

const reqObject = {
url: 'https://myendpoint.com/cnpj',
method: 'GET',
header: 'token: MYTOKEN'
pm.sendRequest(reqObject, (err, res) => {
const returned_date = res.json()
pm.collectionVariables.set ("fetched_cnpj", returned_date.data.cnpj);
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